ATmega88 RGB lamp with DMX interface

ATmega88 RGB lamp with DMX interface

The design of a light source with DMX interface, which consists of RGB LEDs and is therefore able to illuminate objects with light of almost any colour. Over 60 super bright LEDs with up to 100,000 mcd luminosity were used in the design. The device fits into the KM-95 housing, which is equipped with a handle for wall or ceiling mounting. Thanks to its modular design (the device consists of a driver board and a board with LEDs), the controller can be powered by other LEDs, e.g. to supply RGB strips and achieve a different lighting arrangement. recommendations: The lamp will be useful for people arranging the stage.

The DMX RGB lamp circuits are powered by the U1 pwm stabilizer built with the popular MC34063ACD integrated circuit. Thanks to this, the supply voltage of the system and thus – the LEDs can reach up to 40V, and the stabilizer will not overheat, which would be the case if a linear stabilizer was used. The U2 ICL7660 system generates negative supply voltages for the needs of operational amplifiers.

DMX control data is received with U6 (physical layer interface – MAX485) and then decoded with an Atmel ATmega88PA microcontroller. It generates PWM signals to control the current sources. It is built with operational amplifiers and MOS transistors. This allows the use of low resistance resistors, which means that the energy losses are not high.